Preparing for Tele-Mental Health visits:

This is a picture of the office where I conduct tele-mental health sessions.  My office demonstrates several things which help when video-conferencing:

  • Note the light source is behind the computer.  Overhead lights create shadows and lights behind the computer create glare, all of which would make it more difficult for you to see me.

  • Notice the blue curtain as a backdrop.  The less busy the background the better and neutral colors (such as blue) help by not absorbing or reflecting too much light.

  • Similarly, dressing in solid neutral colors helps by requiring less bandwidth.

  • If bandwidth is an issue (frozen images or distorted sound) ensure that other computers and devices are turned off.  You may need to ask other members of your home to not download or stream while we are in session.  VSee (the video-conferencing software we will be using) advertises that it can operate on 4G networks and uses less bandwidth than other companies.  Some patients have even attended sessions with me via their smart phones.

  • The most important thing about the space you choose is privacy.  My office has a door that locks and everyone knows not to knock when the door is closed.  Remove distractions from the space you choose and inform other members of the home about the importance of having uninterrupted time.


Hopefully these recommendations help "set the stage" so that you can get the most from your tele-mental health visit.  See Informed Consent for more information.

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