Welcome to TMHC!


My name is Dr. Thurston and I offer psychotherapy, medication management and clinical consultation via video-conferencing.
During the initial visit I will get a sense of your needs and whether TMHC is appropriate for you.  If it is clear that I will not be the best person to help you, I will suggest alternate resources.  This is also a time for you to assess whether tele-mental healthcare is right for you.  If we both feel TMHC is a "good fit" then we will work together to establish duration, frequency and cost of subsequent sessions.  


Depending on the situation and your level of comfort, I will often suggest additional 45-minute meetings to follow closely behind the initial visit.  These give us a chance to understand more about the context of your difficulties, as well as further evaluate our ability to work together. 


Thank you for visiting TMHC!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.




John M. Thurston, MD

Tele-Psychiatry.  John M. Thurston, MD.
Dr. John Michael Thurston, MD
In my virtual office, I see people age 18 and over for a variety of reasons.  

 You may know or suspect that you have a history of anxiety, depression, insomnia, post-traumatic stress, OCD or eating disorders.  Or maybe a relationship, life transition, loss, school, work or illness has disrupted your life.  Maybe you don’t have a name for your suffering, you just know something is keeping you from being your best.  Perhaps you receive psychotropic medication from a primary care physician and would like an expert opinion.  I can help with all of these situations.